Fossil Free Warwick will be having a major push to get students to Paris in early December this year for the COP21 climate summit. In what has been called the 'greatest civil society mobilisation in history', hundreds of thousands will descend on Paris to call on global leaders to sign a decent climate treaty.

But few in the environmental movement expect much from the formal process. Rather, it is an opportunity to build locally, generate connections globally, and heap pressure on governments over climate change.

We will be travelling to Paris with the national People & Planet network, and The following events and happenings will be occurring from now until the end of the conference:

  • National Divest Before Paris - Halloween Actions, October 30: A UK-wide day of national Halloween-themed actions to scare our universities into divesting from fossil fuels. Or in Warwick's case, scaring BP Off Campus.
  • People's Climate March, November 29: Rallies and marches in cities across the world. Fossil Free Warwick will be joining the student bloc in London.
  • Cycle to the COP21, December 6-10: 150 people will cycle from London to Paris in time for the end of the conference. At least one member of Fossil Free Warwick will be traveling with the convoy.
  • People & Planet go to COP, December 5-14 and 10-14: With, the national People & Planet network will be heading to Paris via coach. Sign up here.
  • The Climate Games: The People & Planet network will be taking part in the Climate Games, a friendly competition to see which network can undertake the most direct actions in the run up to COP21.
  • Final mobilisation: The big action on December 12 in Paris for the end of the conference. Hundreds of thousands will be there. What will the deal be? Bring your gas mask, there's gunna be tear gas...

Join us! We need people to help us mobilise students in the run up to Paris, and we need as many people to come with us a possible! Let's carry on Fossil Free Warwick's growing presence in the national and European climate movement.